FAGE – Greek Yogurt

I am not a huge fan of yogurt. Sweet and fruity yogurts I love, plain yogurts….not so much! Fage, however, is my exception! I LOVE Fage greek yogurts and the best thing about them….they’re healthy for you! Talk about a slam dunk!

Fage as a great source of nutrition. It uses 100% natural ingredients, no sweetners, and no preservatives! Nothing that you wouldn’t want to eat! Fage is just whole milk, cream, and cultures.

Click here –> for FAGE website

photo 1 (1)

– Protein Rich
– Gluten Free
– Vegetarian
– Diabetic Friendly
– Pregnancy Friendly

The calories range from 100 – 190 depending on what type of Fage yogurt you get. Total (whole), Total 2% or Total 0%.

I recommend this yogurt highly! It’s one of my all time favs!! =)

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