Chabaa Thai Cuisine

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Thailand is one place I have been dying to visit. It is one of the top places on my bucket list of places to see. More than the architecture and beautiful landscapes, I am excited to have authentic Thai food! I can just imagine…the food I am having here is amazing…imagine how much authentic home-cooked Thai food would taste!

Chabaa Thai Cuisine is one Thai food spot that I really enjoyed. It is located in  San Francisco in the Outer Sunset District. I was introduced to this spot by a classmate. We had gone to the de Young museum and afterwards, she was adamant that we go to this spot! I’m glad we did! I enjoyed the food very much. The dishes were very delectable, ambrosial, and appetizing. 

The two dishes I had when we were there were The Papaya Salad, a popular Thai appetizer, and Chicken Drunken Noodles, thick rice noodles. I love spicy foods so I got mine medium spicy. You want to be a little careful at Thai restaurants with the level of spice. You may be able to handle a great deal of spice, but eating an entire dish with a high degree of spice….let’s just say you pay for it afterwards and water doesn’t always help!

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