Carvel Ice Cream – FREE CONE DAY – April 25th, Thursday


You scream!

I scream!

We all scream!

For ice cream!

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FAGE Challenge Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is one of my favorite culinary chefs! I love to grill and barbecue and he is the grill master!

For more information on who Bobby is, here is his website Bobby Flay… now onto the good stuff!

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Fully Loaded Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Stuffed peppers are fun, easy dishes to make and are great to make when you have people coming over, vegetarian or non-veg. This case I didn’t make them for guests. Instead I made them for my best friend, brother, and father. I was leaving to go on a trip to Los Angeles and I didn’t want to waste the remaining vegetables I had left in my fridge. Generally, stuffed peppers are made with bell peppers, but I always like to add a kick in there somewhere, so I used poblano peppers instead. They give just enough kick for those who don’t enjoy much spice, as well as, those who love to eat spicy foods.


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Moroccan Zucchini Garbanzo “Tagine”

Moroccan tagines are clay or ceramic cookware that have a very unique design used in North Africa. They are earthenware pots that are painted and glazed with a distinctive conical cover.

Although they are originally referred to as a tagine pot in which the dish is cooked, in Arabic, tagine means stew. Now tagine can refer to the dish, as well as, a type of stew. Tagines are generally spicy and have some type of protein incorporated. Vegetarians of course can eliminate the meat option. I have made this dish vegetarian.

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Spaghetti to End Starvation!

I thought this was pretty funny!!

When I first started cooking spaghetti, I would make a HUGE pot of¬†spaghetti¬†..enough to feed at least 20-30 people!! My mom would get so irritated with me, but I couldn’t help myself! I thought that since the pot was big enough….eh…why not! haha

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