Easy Classic Chicken Salad

I have been so busy this month and I wanted a quick fix. The first thing that came to mind was chicken (my favorite thing to cook). I love Chicken Salad, but whenever I go to the grocery store, I can never find one that I like. They either have too much mayo or not enough. Sometimes they have very little flavor overall or the flavor just doesn’t taste right.


I was craving chicken salad the other day and wanted it right then and there! I had just gotten home after my workout at the gym and was not wanting to be in that kitchen longer than I needed to be. Continue reading

Delete Cookies?!?

Delete Cookies?!?

Haha…I don’t think this comic will ever get old!


I know I have been absent lately from posting recipes! I will be up and at them once again, possibly after a couple of weeks! My schedule has been a little hectic lately and will die down a bit soon. Can’t wait to get back to cooking! Ciao for now!