Mini Margarita Pizza-Cakes

I remember the time I first heard about Margarita pizza. I thought it was for grown-ups only because of the word Margarita. My parents had ordered a margarita pizza once and I was shocked when they handed me a slice! Haha… little did I know it wasn’t made with alcohol! It is now one of my favorite classic pizzas.


I was craving margarita pizza the other day, but didn’t want to order an entire pizza for just a slice or two. (That’s my not-so-lazy self talking! haha) I remember seeing someone on Pinterest, who used a cupcake pan to make little mini pizzas.

When you think of food for game day, pizza is definitely one to make the top 5. I wanted to make these mini pizzas because they are easy, fast, and delicious. Who wants to be in the kitchen for hours after work on a Monday night? Nobody!

In this recipe I added Italian Black Peppered Salami, but you can improvise with whatever you enjoy!

Mini Margarita Pizza-Cakes

Servings: 6-8 servings (per tray)

Total Time: 25-30 minutes


1 Tomato (large, diced small)

4-6 Basil leaves (minced)

4 Parsley strands (minced)

Mozzarella Cheese (shredded, just have a packet)

5-6 Mozzarella Balls (I used Babybel Cheese rounds, cut in half then in fours)

1/2 cup Pasta Sauce (I prefer Prego’s Tomato Basil Garlic, Pizza sauce is okay)

1/2 Onion (medium, minced)

2 Tbsp. Oregano (dried)

6 Flour Tortillas (or 12 for 2 trays)

Round cookie cutter or Used bean can

(I added Italian Black Peppered Salami – optional)


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Spray the cupcake pan with nonstick and set aside.

I pre-cut my tortillas (as you can see below) and the difficult part about making the tortilla the size of the bottom of the tray was pulling them out after they are baked. I remade them and recommend leaving them a little larger. Also, to make them sit nicely in the cupcake pan, warm them up first in the microwave for 25 seconds covered with a wet paper towel to soften them a bit. (NOTE: the flour tortilla should not show on top)

When they are ready, place the tortillas into the cupcake pan slots. Put 1 Tablespoon of Pasta sauce (or Pizza Sauce) into each tortilla. Top that off with a pinch of Oregano and parsley in each slot.

When they all look even, add the Mozzarella Cheese. Put however much you want, keeping in mind the toppings that are still left to be put on top!



Since I decided to make these with Italian Salami, I added them first, on top of the cheese. If you are not putting the salami, then you can start with the tomatoes. Then you can put the basil.

Take the Babybels and cut them in half lengthwise and then into fours. Place three on each mini pizza.




Once you have finished with that, sprinkle the minced onions on each mini pizza. You don’t have to put the onions on the pizzas, this is optional, I just can’t have pizza without onions somewhere!

Once everything is built and ready, place in the oven and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.




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