Lentils of the World

In the multiple countries of the world, come varieties of lentils and many unique ways of preparing them.

Lentils are generally a tasty staple in almost every culture! They are nutritious and delectable dishes that I know I wouldn’t want to pass up on! Who wouldn’t want to eat delicious lentils and reap their health benefits?

Benefits of eating Lentils:

  1. Lower your blood cholesterol – it contains high levels of soluble fiber
  2. Reduces your risk for heart disease – helps keep your arteries clean, as well as, a great source of B vitamins and magnesium (large contributors to heart health)
  3. Helps with your digestive health – the soluble fibers help prevent constipation and other digestive complications
  4. Helps stabilize blood sugar – diabetes patients benefit from this
  5. Good source of Protein – Vegetarians especially benefit from eating lentils for their general source of proteins if soy or tofu don’t work for them. They contain the 3rd highest levels of protein of all legumes and nuts.
  6. More energy – Lentils help to increase slow-burning energy because of the complex carbohydrates.
  7. Great source of iron – which in part plays into having more energy
  8. Help reduce weight – lentils are low in calories and have almost no fat.


As I list a recipe, I will list the lentil and a little background information about it. 

Indian Daals (Dal, Dhal)


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