Seasoned Butternut Squash Tacos with Roasted Corn and Capsicum

I know I love to post chicken recipes… but here is a yummy recipe for all the vegetarians! Isn’t it when you go to Mexican places, the only vegetarian dishes they find are with beans and cheese (generally). So frustrating no? There are so many other veggies they could improvise with and the closest taco spot I’ve been to that has been courageous enough to experiment with different veggie options is Tacolicious.

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Capsicum Chicken (Bell Pepper Chicken)

One of my favorite vegetables are Bell Peppers. They are a wonderful combination of tangy taste and crunchy textures! Capsicum annuum is the scientifically correct name for Bell Peppers. There are a variety of colors and flavors in each pepper, but all equally yummy!

Capsicum chicken has been a popular dish with many of my friends and one of the easier dishes to make after a long day at the office. Very simple and straight forward.

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