Ever wonder how bananas bruise…

Ever wonder how bananas bruise?

I always have at least one banana before I start my day or go to the gym. If I miss a day it’s because they end being so bruised inside, I can’t have it! And now I know why!!

Comic - Bruised Bananas

Hope everyone has a splendid rest of the night!


Delete Cookies?!?

Delete Cookies?!?

Haha…I don’t think this comic will ever get old!


I know I have been absent lately from posting recipes! I will be up and at them once again, possibly after a couple of weeks! My schedule has been a little hectic lately and will die down a bit soon. Can’t wait to get back to cooking! Ciao for now!

Spaghetti to End Starvation!

I thought this was pretty funny!!

When I first started cooking spaghetti, I would make a HUGE pot of¬†spaghetti¬†..enough to feed at least 20-30 people!! My mom would get so irritated with me, but I couldn’t help myself! I thought that since the pot was big enough….eh…why not! haha

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