Peachy Cream Passion

I was visiting my cousin and my darling niece and discovered something so delightful….well my cousin showed me….peach tea!


She made me this milky drink with honey and placed the peach tea that she had previously strained in hot water. The infusion of the three flavors was so delicious and the aroma was amazing! My nose wanted to keep smelling that fragrance forever!

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Portobello Mushrooms in Sun-dried Tomatoes, Polenta, and Mashed Potatoes topped with Basil Pesto

Thanksgiving is a time when we appreciate what we have. Not saying that we shouldn’t appreciate what we have everyday, but that we take that one day, that moment and spend it with family and close friends! Everyone gets together to enjoy savory meals and luscious treats! It is where we take one day to celebrate diversity in its purest form and what better way to do that then with a huge feast!

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